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We  offer our clients a reliable, efficient and environmental friendly biological onsite domestic wastewater treatment and recycling systems. As a result of the work we do, our clients are able to safely gain from wastewater to meet their water needs, enjoy and responsibly contribute to a safe and clean environment.

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Brief Introduction.

 Our main objective is to be of reliable solutions for the growing need of waste water management, plumbing works and solar systems. Elikham Systems Ltd wastewater treatment plants are essential to remove domestic pollutants and solids from the water and return clean water, bio-solids and air back to the environment so that it is safe for people, animals and the environment. Clean, safe water is essential for life and good health. Through the use of modern technology, our wastewater treatment plants help provide clean water for use in homes and industries (flushing toilet, irrigating lawns, dust suppression), help prevent disease, protect fish and wildlife from pollution and protect the environment. Wastewater through a treatment plant goes through several processes that eliminate critical pollutants. Operators monitor meters and gauges via a computer that checks whether the equipment is operating correctly. Operators ensure that the wastewater has been properly disinfected. They collect samples of wastewater and perform routine laboratory tests through a government body (WRMA). They too keep a log of operations. Operators receive training in emergency management response. We at Elikham ensure that our wastewater treatment plants operate within specific regulatory standards which are reflected in the treatment plant permit. Operators must also abide by the guidelines of the Environmental Management and Coordination (water quality) Regulations, 2006 Arrangement of the Regulations Act.


Our Guiding Principles

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Our Key Industry Specialization


We handle all kinds of plumbing needs such as backflow inspections hook up, drainfield inspection and repair, leaks, septic system repairs, clogs and new fixture installation.


Elikham systems treatment plant draws upon SBR (sequence batch reactor) technology to better manage the treatment process required to clean wastewater.

Solar Systems

 We’ve revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill.


Hear from some of our customers.

  • No more waste water issues. Am glad after a long time i can now have green grass and flowers around my house. Thank you.

    Mary Ochieng
  • These young gentlemen did a very wonderful job at my site and am very delighted to give a positive review about the good work i received. I will work with them in any of my future projects.

    Fredrick Gachie
    Electrical Engineer

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